Vince Jones (AUS)



Since his emergence in the jazz clubs of Australia in the late 70s and early 80s, Vince Jones has set the benchmark for Australian jazz, with his live performances hailed as ‘an intoxicating tour de force’ (The Australian).

A national treasure whose music defies categorisation, throughout his 20-album international career he has never hesitated in his musical evolution.

Starting out as a bebop trumpeter, Jones has gone on to become Australia’s leading jazz vocalist. A remarkable interpreter of songs, he has a refreshingly direct vocal style that resists technique, in favour of creating feeling and mood.

After the stunning sold-out successes of Van Morrison’s Masterpieces at the 2016 MIJF, and his tribute to Antônio Carlos Jobim at the 2017 MIJF, Jones is joined by some of the best musicians in the country to travel back through his own career, with a handpicked selection of songs marking milestones from a remarkable musical life.

‘With a voice as cool as a long G&T and a repertoire that balances jazz, rock and soul.’ Beat Magazine

Presented by Melbourne International Jazz Festival