Zackary Drucker & Nevo Zisin In Conversation

Intersecting Identities

Nevo Zisin and Zackary Drucker


Intersecting Identities

In this discussion, American Jewish multimedia artist, LGBT activist, actor and Emmy-nominated TV producer Zackary Drucker will share her experiences working as a producer on the Golden Globe-winning Amazon series ‘Transparent’.

Committed to a deeply spiritual Jewish experience, Drucker will also discuss the intersections of trans and Jewish identities in her work and pop culture more broadly with Melbourne-based Jewish non-binary writer and activist Nevo Zisin, the author of ‘Finding Nevo’, an award-winning memoir on gender transition. Assigned female at birth, Zisin began transitioning at 17 years old whilst at a Jewish private school and is deeply connected to their Jewish community and culture.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Shir Madness Melbourne