Cancelled: Yeasayer



‘Sheer experiential pleasure.’ Paste

American experimental rock band Yeasayer captures what it’s like to be alive in the world today with wide-eyed clarity. Led by singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Chris Keating, Anand Wilder and bassist Ira Wolf Tuton, its songs veer from the intensely personal and romantic to the fervently political — challenging its audience and making them think.

New release Erotic Reruns stands out as one of the band’s best albums to date due to its singular vision. Light years removed from the band’s 2007 opening volley, All Hour Cymbals, it distills a decade of twisted, paranoid pop into the Brooklyn band’s most direct, cut-to-the-bone release yet. The record encourages its audience to ponder the important issues that define our maddening, speed of light era of content consumption. Inspired by the events surrounding the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the societal and political commentary is erudite and trenchant.

Yeasayer balance a sardonic and chilling reaction to dark times with moments of warmth and self-reflection. With five full-length albums under its belt, the NYC trio continue to surprise musically with songs designed perfectly for electronic live sets. Proof that Yeasayer has carved a unique path, impervious to outside ‘scenes’, you won’t want to miss this highly anticipated Melbourne performance.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre in arrangement with Destroy All Lines