Critical Exchange

Lillian Albazi


‘Lillian Albazi has the qualities of a very fine artist – a beautiful voice, excellent presence and commitment to her art.’ Tony Gould AM

A soaring voice in the Australian jazz scene, Lillian Albazi is lauded for her natural charm and versatile vocals. Taking her cue from the great jazz pioneers, Lillian’s prodigious musical stylings put a modern spin on the American and Australian Songbooks. Joined by Shaun Rammers (tenor saxophone) and Oscar Neyland (double bass), the coveted young artist and her band celebrate iconic songs, from ‘the father of bossa nova’ Antônio Carlos Jobim to the legendary Hoagy Carmichael and the prolific Nat King Cole.

Critical Exchange explores the dynamic interplay between individuality and unity within a performance setting in order to sustain and expand the creative tension within the group. Performing as a trio allows each individual the chance to explore critical thought and exchange and how it results in an elevation of performance and interplay onstage.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Lillian Albazi Trio


Lillian Albazi Trio
Lillian Albazi vocals
Shaun Rammers tenor saxophone
Oscar Neyland double bass


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