Ears Wide Open: Schumann

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Take a deep dive into Schumann’s Symphony No.2 with your guide, MSO Assistant Principal Cello Nicholas Bochner.

A classic work, deconstructed to give you greater insight into the mind of the composer.

Robert Schumann had begun to show signs of serious mental and physical illness by the time he composed his Symphony No.2 in C major. His wife Clara wrote that Robert could not sleep and she often found him “bathed in tears”. The composer suffered from a range of phobias, including fears of blindness, heights, metal items, poison and medicine. He wrote much of Symphony No.2 in a deep state of depression, but things had begun to turn around by the final movement. The mood of the piece reflects feeling of hard-won affirmation and relief.

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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Nicholas Bochner presenter


Robert Schumann
Symphony No.2 (excerpts)


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