Journey to the Danube Delta



Vardos has toured extensively for over two decades, acheiving glowing reviews for its electrifying live performances.

Led by violinist Alana Hunt, the ‘live wire in chief’, and learning their craft from folk and Roma musicians in Eastern Europe, Vardos combines accordion, double bass and violin in performances of stirring compositions that draw on gypsy form and melodies.

This concert sees Vardos take a journey down the River Danube, winding through countries and making music along the way. Hear the wind blow on the river, generating spinning dances in Slovakian kitchens, fuelling the health spas of Serbia, growing apples and sustaining foxes in Bulgaria, Jewish dancers in Southern Ukraine and a whole region of folk music in Hungary. All presented with the captivating combination of violin, accordion, double bass, viola, hurdy gurdy, and songs in five languages.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Vardos


Alana Hunt violin
Sofia Chapman accordion/vocals
Kirri Büchler double bass


Traditional Slovak
Dance, but don’t dismantle my oven

Traditional Hungarian
Hey Jancsika/ Dunarol fuj a szel
How beautiful is the pig’s snout
Transdanubia express

Traditional Serbian
Niska Banja- drinks at the Serbian health spa

Traditional Bulgarian
12 little foxes
The apple which fell from heaven

Traditional Romanian
Doina Oltului- Song of the river Olt

Traditional Moldavian
Moldavian Sirba
Hora Chisinau

Traditional Ukrainian
Odessa Bulgarish
Ukrainian Trepak