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Maria Welna

Lisztomaria’s sole performer, Maria Welna, is a zealous keyboard virtuoso (concert pianist, concert organist and composer) with a catching passion for music. A compellingly unique Australian artist of the younger generation, Maria has a history of championing new recital formats and the virtuoso tradition to musical and non-musical audiences. Her inborn dazzling flair for performance coupled with striking artistic vision, multiple instrument virtuosity and a return to the composer-performer tradition makes her a rare performer mixing innovation with tradition.
Described by the press as a “born performer” with an “irrepressible style”, Maria has performed in venues worldwide, often for honourable guests and dignitaries. She has been praised for “virtuoso”, “seemingly-effortless performances”, “amazing talent”, and has performed “some of the world’s most stunning repertoire”. Her compositions have also received accolades. Often “dramatic”, “neo-classical”, or post- Romantic, they smartly combine “contemporary (elements) with a Romantic texture.”

Maria is a specialist in virtuosic compositional and performing practices, with a particular interest in performance practice and the composer-virtuoso tradition. She is also a passionate educator, having guest-lectured, adjudicated, given lecture-recitals and papers at renowned music institutions. Maria is a graduate of the K. Szymanowski Music Academy, Poland and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Comprehensive information is available on (flash player required).

“She’s the picture of confidence. Her hands glide over the keys with [a] speed and sureness that defy her young age. She makes it look so easy.” “… seemingly-effortless performance” The Chronicle-Telegram, USA