Torch Songs

Mama Alto


‘Mama Alto is an exceptionally talented singer, who makes the question as to whether it is a woman or a man singing obsolete. It is clearly an angel.’ The Conversation

Jazz singer, cabaret artiste and gender transcendent diva Mama Alto beguiles you with sumptuous and exquisite torch songs. Having captivated the hearts and minds of audiences with her luscious voice for the past eight years, Mama Alto returns with her evocative interpretations of jazz standards from the American Songbook in a special sophomore performance of Torch Songs for Midsumma Festival.

Capturing the enigmatic genre of torch singing, Mama Alto tells a story, weaving a truth and narrating a journey within the delicious tension between tradition and subversion. Keeping the flame of the great women who have come before her, Mama Alto’s stunning and unique presence reverberates in the mind and awakens the heart. Accompanied by multi-instrumental wonder William Elm on piano, Mama Alto invites you to drink in the riches of torch songs.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre, Mama Alto & Midsumma Festival


Mama Alto vocals
William Elm piano


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