Venetian Splendour



Celebrating its 30th birthday in 2020, Ensemble Gombert is Melbourne’s outstanding chamber choir, noted for its pure intonation and historical approach to choral sound and style.

Named after Nicolas Gombert, the Ensemble specialises in a cappella performance of Franco-Flemish music of the High Renaissance. No other city of Europe has appealed so long and so strongly to the romantic imagination as Venice, or La serenissima, as it has styled itself. A city uniquely wedded to the sea, a city of opulence, Venice has inspired artists of countless centuries to adorn its splendour in sight and sound.

For musicians Venice immediately conjures up the basilica of San Marco and its traditions of polychoral composition and performance with which the name Giovanni Gabrieli (nephew of Andrea) is inextricably linked. A student of the great composer Orlande de Lassus, Gabrieli returned to Venice to put his own stamp on the music of San Marco, and it is his music that chamber choir Ensemble Gombert champions in this concert.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Ensemble Gombert


Giovanni Gabrieli
Magnificat a 8
Hodie completi sunt a 8
Deus, qui beatum Marcum a 8
Jubilate Deo a 8
O Domine Jesu Christe a 8
O Jesu mi dulcissime a 8
O magnum mysterium
Deus, Deus meus a 10
Nunc dimittis a 14
Kyrie a 12
Gloria a 12
Sanctus a 12


This production is part of the following series:

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