Augie March

Augie March

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Aussie rockers Augie March celebrate the 21st anniversary of their classic album Sunset Studies.

Released in 2000, Sunset Studies is the iconic debut album from Australian indie rock favourite Augie March. After two EPs and several years’ gigging, the band had primed an audience for a debut that would earn respect as one of the most expansive, ambitious and literate Australian releases of all time.

Sunset Studies went gold and remains a favourite across the planet, regularly praised by prominent artists today as an enormous influence. Musically the album moves seamlessly from sophisticated to naive, joyful to desolate, from intense guitar rock to a stark ambient sound and a traditional folk balladry. Songs such as ‘Asleep in Perfection’, ‘There Is No Such Place’, ‘The Hole in Your Roof’ and ‘Here Comes the Night’ have all become cult anthems.

Since the release of Sunset Studies, Augie March has gone on to release five more acclaimed albums and garnered a reputation as one of Australia’s most unique and engaging live acts. Don’t miss the band dust off its first classic in the 21st anniversary year of its debut, as part of RISING festival.

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Augie March



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