Stiletto Sisters – Babkas, Bagels & Black Forest Cake

Stiletto Sisters

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Stiletto Sisters


The Stiletto Sisters have been wooing audiences for over a decade with their seductive blend of Hungarian folk, tango and love songs from around the world.

Led with breathtaking virtuosity by Hungarian trained violinist Hope Csutoros, the trio features the dynamic piano accordion playing of Judy Gunson and the wonderful talents of Jo To on double bass. Stiletto Sisters perform with extraordinary emotional range from extreme delicacy to blazing intensity and more than a touch of humour.

About the concert

Are you sitting comfortably with a slice of your favourite chocolate babka? Or perhaps a fresh, warm and yeasty ‘sufganiyot’? Enjoy the voluptuous pleasures of the Stiletto Sisters as they serve up a rich and sonorous offering of Jewish music. Forming the emotional heart of this concert are Henryk Wieniawski’s ‘Légende’, Joseph Achron’s brilliant ‘Hebrew Melody’ and Ernst Bloch’s delicate ‘Jewish Song’. These passionate works are set amidst a swirling selection of Yiddish, Hebrew and Sephardic delights and a pinch of riotous klezmer frenzy – melded together with the Stiletto Sisters’ unique charms.

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Stiletto Sisters
Hope Csutoros violin
Jo To double bass
Judy Gunson piano accordion


Jewish Song

Hebrew Melody, Op.33, Op.33

Légende Op.17, Op.17

Traditional Yiddish
Chiribim Chiribom

Traditional Yiddish

Traditional Yiddish
Bublitcky Bagelach

Meholalot (Woundings)

Der Heiser Bulgar

Traditional Sephardic
La Serena