Sonya Lifschitz & Christine Johnston – Crumb's Lyre


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Sonya Lifschitz


Renowned for the exceptional artistry in their own genres, pianist Sonya Lifschitz and vocalist Christine Johnston (Madame Lark) are one of Australia’s most dynamic powerhouse duos.

The worlds of classical music, performance art and comedy collide in a breathtaking performance, showcasing Sonya and Christine’s consummate musicianship, thrilling audacity and imagination.

About this concert

Christine Johnston as Madame Lark joins piano siren Sonya Lifschitz to unleash their dueling scores. Part cabaret, part recital, this delightfully surreal performance places legendary composer George Crumb’s zodiac-inspired fantasy pieces amidst the sounds of the Antipodes. As Sonya conjures up mythical, primordial sounds from inside the piano, Madame Lark takes to her musical saw, vocals and an overhead projector. Together they bring George Crumb’s masterwork for piano to life in an intriguingly whimsical and altogether unexpected way.

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Sonya Lifschitz piano
Christine Johnston vocals/musical saw/overhead projector


George Crumb
Makrokosmos, Book 1