Forever More

Nat Bartsch Quartet

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Nat Bartsch


Nat Bartsch’s delicate works bring a moment of peace and calm.

About Nat Bartsch

Pianist and composer Nat Bartsch is known for her soothing lullabies, beloved by parents and their young ones. Her elegant distillations of peace, more ethereal than of this world, are meditative magic. Following the release of her album Forever, and No Time at All, more and more people have found comfort in Nat’s music. Her gentle compositions have provided a welcome soundtrack to intensely personal experiences, ranging from childbirth to grief.

About the concert

Nat Bartsch’s delicate works are often reached for when listeners need a moment of peace and calm. ARIA-nominated album Forever More sees Nat re-interpret her lullabies for jazz ensemble, presenting a new way to enjoy her contemplative music in concert. In a jazz setting, Nat and her band have the space to improvise on her original creations, building and shaping their meanings in real-time. This creates an even more thoughtful and reflective listening experience. Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone/sound effects) and Mary Doumany (harp) join Nat and her quartet for this evocative performance.

COVID Safety

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Nat Bartsch Quartet
Nat Bartsch piano
Robbie Melville guitar/sound effects
Maddison Carter drums
Tamara Murphy double bass

Julien Wilson tenor saxophone/sound effects
Mary Doumany harp