Adrian Sherriff & The Iyer Brothers


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & The Boite


A journey to South India to the mystical world of Carnatic music.

About the artists

Adrian Sherriff is a composer, musician and lecturer with a fervency for studying the music of cultures around the world. In each of these traditions, he has studied and performed with master musicians of international calibre. His breadth of experience includes European classical, Afro-American jazz, South Indian classical, Japanese shakuhachi, Balinese gamelan, folkloric Afro-Cuban, Brazilian choro and experimental music traditions.

Now the star trombonist is journeying to South India once more, to the mystical world of Carnatic music. Joining him are the virtuoso veena (plucked Indian lute) duo The Iyer Brothers and mrdangam (two-headed Indian drum) player Ragavan Sarma.

When they perform in India, brothers Ramnath and Gopinath Iyer perform for audiences in the thousands. Their mastery of the veena – a beautiful sounding instrument that is notoriously difficult to play – is mesmerising to watch.

About the concert

In this performance with legendary trombone player Adrian Sherriff and Ragavan Sarma on mrdangam, the challenge is to synthesize these different, highly expressive musical voices into a unified whole. These gifted artists have all it takes to pull it off.

Praise for Adrian Sherriff

‘Sherriff’s bass trombone was capable of great delicacy, yet he could also unleash torrents of sound while hurtling across registers, and insert into the flow difficult multiphonic passages before diving to subterranean pedal tones.’ Jazz Australia

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Adrian Sherriff trombone
Ramnath Iyer veena (plucked Indian lute)
Gopinath Iyer veena
Ragavan Sarma mrdangam (two-headed Indian drum)