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The masters of eccentricity.

There are not many bands that could make looking to the past feel futuristic, but Liars manage to create entire sonic worlds that have the sensibility of relics and beacons all at once.

Liars have made a name for themselves as the masters of eccentricity, prioritising choices that snub comfort zones, making decisions that are purposefully contrary to the status-quo. The band has seen many incarnations since its inception in 2000, constantly transforming and evolving. On stage, Andrew Angus’s voice drifts from a resonant growl into soft, dreamy melodies, as rich textures overlap with engulfing ambience, before giving way to eruptive blasts of noise, crackling electronics and thrashing drums.

Sometimes a mess, but almost certainly glistening, restless and unpredictable – they are an incredible live band to witness. See them perform at Elisabeth Murdoch Hall a mere month after the release of their album The Apple Drop.

Praise for Liars

‘Contemporary avant-garde music’s household chameleon.’ – Pitchfork

Support Act Announced

Liars will be supported by EXEK.

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Andrew Angus vocals
Cameron Deyell guitar
Laurence Pike drums

EXEK support act



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