Manta Milmilpa (Sacred Ground)

Robert K. Champion

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & YIRRAMBOI Festival


Legendary singer-songwriter Robert K. Champion shares stories of his homelands

About Robert K. Champion

A modern-day storyteller, Robert K. Champion moves audiences with his haunting guitar-led songs and compelling narrative tales of life, love and loss across the Australian landscape. Originally from the far west coast of South Australia, Robert is a Gubrun, Kokatha and Mirning man, now living, making and sharing music with us in Narrm (Melbourne).

About this concert

In the Pitjantjatjara language of Central Australia, near Uluru, ‘Manta Milmilpa’ means ‘sacred ground’ or the land where the dead are buried. In this exclusive performance for YIRRAMBOI Festival, legendary singer-songwriter Robert K. Champion gives the past and present a voice, sharing sacred stories and songs from his homelands and Narrm (Melbourne). He sheds light on the nation’s truths, awakening the untold tales of injustices and violence against Blak peoples, and honouring their right to be heard, remembered and shared. Robert never fails to enthrall listeners with his warmth, poignancy and humour, even on confronting and sombre subjects, and this moving performance that connects on a fundamentally human level is no exception.

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Robert K. Champion voice/guitar
Shauntai Batzke vocals
Uncle Herb Patten gum leaf
Amos Roach didgeridoo
Penelope Somerville violin
Allara Briggs Pattison double bass
Phoebe Elsworth piano
Michael Julian percussion