Përolas – Synaesthesia


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Multicultural Arts Victoria


Eclectic contemporary music for the heart, mind and soul.

About the concert

Përolas brings the harp into the contemporary realm, coupling this sonorous instrument with analogue effects and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. From up-tempo beats to otherworldly soundscapes, Përolas brings a fusion of cultures to original compositions and musical arrangements, which earnt the band the award for ‘Best Intercultural Act’ at the 2019 Music Victoria Awards.

Capped off with visual projections by Fan Club President, Përolas immerses its audiences in art that subverts expectations. Liana and Fabian’s multi-instrumentalist talents, combined with Louis’s inventive percussion, together forms an all-encompassing sensory experience that mimics synaesthesia.

COVID Safety

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Liana Perillo harps/vocals
Fabian Aravelés guitar/vocals/trumpet/synthesizer
Louis Spencely drums

Jay Warnett (Fan Club President) visual projections


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