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Syzygy Ensemble

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Syzygy Ensemble


A fearless pioneer in chamber music, Syzygy Ensemble combines virtuoso talent with a bold commitment to contemporary works.

Since 2009, the Ensemble’s eye-opening performances have brought living composers’ works to vivid life, sparking visceral connections between 21st-century artists and audiences.

About this concert

Syzygy Ensemble enters the age of the post-postmodern, where we face a tantalising question: ‘How do we create something new, when everything old has already been made new again?’ Set off by influential 20th-century German composer Hans Werner Henze’s luminous meditation Adagio adagio, Syzygy Ensemble bids a swift farewell to the traditional ideals, reveling instead in a splintered, self-referential soundworld, where the line between originality, homage and parody is blurred. Three world premieres from Cyrus Meurant, Kenya Wilkins and Zinia Chan travel further into this zone, taking inspiration from rock music, feminine power and notions of intimacy to create their mind-blowing art.

COVID Safety

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Syzygy Ensemble
Laila Engle flutes
Robin Henry clarinet
Campbell Banks cello
Leigh Harrold piano

Zoe Black violin


Hans Werner Henze
Adagio, adagio

Zinia Chan
Weaving of Threads

Anna Clyne
Just as they Are

Keyna Wilkins

Cyrus Meurant
The Crossing of a Sea


This production is part of the following series:

Local Heroes 2021

Now in its tenth year, Melbourne Recital Centre’s Local Heroes series brings together Melbourne’s best artists in a year-long festival of chamber music.