Romani Caravan

Anja & Zlatna

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Anja & Zlatna


Anja & Zlatna is a vibrant ensemble that fuses the beauty of traditional melodies from the Balkans and beyond with 17th-century practices and improvisations.

Its unique sound is due in part to its original approach to instrumentation featuring the harpsichord. Sometimes one hears guitars, cimbalom, accordion kaval or ney. An interesting combination of techniques, such as traditional European and Bulgarian chest voice singing, offer fresh musical delights.

About this concert

Come to the nomadic lands of the Romani people and get ready to fall in love with their quirky songs. With more than a touch of humour, Anja & Zlatna performs songs and dances that celebrate distant lands, magnificent horses and – of course – beautiful women. These lighthearted songs recount Romani adventures and may even teach you a few pearls of wisdom along the way – did you know, you should always give up your last penny to hear a good song? With Anja & Zlatna playing, of course you should.

COVID Safety

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Anja & Zlatna
Aleksandra (Anja) Acker artistic director/voice
Kirsty (Zlatna) Morphett voice/percussion/guitar
Donald Nicolson harpsichord/organ/accordion
Ryan Williams recorders
Andrew Tanner acoustic bass/mouth harp
Tim Nikolsky guitar


Traditional Romani

Traditional Romani

Traditional Romani
Loly Phabay

Traditional Romani
Maja Ciganucka

Il Barval


Djelem, djelem

Traditional Romani
Kutka Avel

Traditional Romani
Amari Tzsi

Traditional Serbian
Evo, banke!

Traditional Romani
Nanye Coha