Shifting Time


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Coco's Lunch


‘A national treasure.’ Herald Sun

Coco’s Lunch is a magical a cappella ensemble. The five-piece all-female ensemble has won hearts around the globe with its pioneering music that evokes the rich sonic palettes of Australia, India and Africa.

About this concert

Treasured vocal ensemble Coco’s Lunch performs songs from its latest release, Misra Chappu, in a masterful and exuberant feast of sound, rhythm, texture and storytelling. Featuring the award-winning single ‘Other Plans’, the new songs dazzle with lush jazz harmonies, fiery South Indian vocal percussion, and the world-class improvisation and gorgeous songwriting for which the ensemble is renowned. This is music for the heart, set to the pulse of the trademark Coco’s five-part groove – music created with love, an awareness of spirit, and with the intention of bringing healing, light and beauty to the world.

‘Misra Chappu heralds the birthing of eight bold new pieces of exceptional beauty and unparalleled originality, forging an adventurous new direction in contemporary vocal music.’
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Coco’s Lunch
Jacqueline Gawler voice, percussion
Lisa Young voice, percussion
Nicola Eveleigh voice, percussion, flute
Emma Gilmartin voice, percussion
Gabrielle MacGregor voice, percussion


Lisa Young
Tha Thin Tha

Jacqueline Gawler
The Baobab

Lisa Young
Misra Chappu

Jacqueline Gawler
Chanson Pour Anaïs

Lisa Young
Other Plans
The Gift
Ah Zumbeh

Robertson & Lisa Young
On The Track

Sue Johnson
All The Wild Wonders