Cancelled: Tsitsanis, Hatzidakis, Xarchakos, Theodorakis: Songs Of Liberation By Greece's Four Great Composers

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Concert Cancellation Notification: Tsitsanis, Hatzidakis, Xarchakos, Theodorakis

Due to the latest capacity restrictions for live music venues in metropolitan Melbourne announced by the Acting Premier today, the Greek Community of Melbourne regrets to advise that Tsitsanis, Hatzidakis, Xarchakos, Theodorakis has now been cancelled.

Melbourne Recital Centre cares deeply about the health and safety of its audiences, artists and staff. We acknowledge that the suspension of normal operations in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a difficult but essential action for the health of the Victorian public. We are committed to supporting our staff during this time and difficult circumstances. We thank our community for its support during this challenging time.

All ticket holders are entitled to a full refund via their original point of purchase. We are currently in the process of arranging refunds.

If you have any questions or concerns about this concert cancellation please contact our Ticketing Services team at

Event details

Celebrating 200 years of the Greek War of Independence. Two hundred years ago, in the northern spring of 1821, Greeks rose in revolt against the mighty Ottoman Empire, which had dominated their land for centuries. After many vicissitudes the Revolution of 1821 led to the establishment of an independent, internationally recognised Greek kingdom in 1832. Nonetheless, the struggles of Greek men and women for the liberation of occupied territory, and for democracy in their own country, continued intermittently and reached a new climax in the period of military dictatorship (1967-74). Always, from before the Revolution to the present day, music and song have inspired Greek people to struggle for a better world and to honour those who have given their lives for the cause.

To mark the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence, we are presenting a concert with songs of revolution, liberation and empowerment created over several decades by four great composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: Vassilis Tsitsanis, Manos Hatzidakis, Stavros Xarchakos and Mikis Theodorakis. The concert will feature, as soloist, international artist Dimitris Basis, together with a Greek band, and symphony orchestra, under the direction of conductor George Ellis.

COVID Safety

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