Spirograph Studies

Spirograph Studies

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Spirograph Studies


‘Jazz of startling originality.’ The Weekend Australian

About Spirograph Studies

If you’ve ever used a spirograph before, you’ll be familiar with the fascinating spiral drawings they create. The beauty of these intricate compositions is hypnotising. Similar things could be said about the music of the ensemble Spirograph Studies. The four-piece band performs improvised music that is mesmerising in its depth. Perhaps falling into the genre of ‘textural jazz’ (The Weekend Australian), a wealth of musical layers is woven together to form each evocative creation.

About the concert

Favouring the quiet and reflective to the dizzying and bold, Spirograph Studies takes you on a cinematic ride. Compositions by bassist Tamara Murphy become a springboard for deluxe sonic worlds. The soundscapes range from slow and meditative to rapid and transcendent. With no player seeking to overpower the dynamic, a mellow atmosphere is sustained across the entire journey.

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Spirograph Studies
Tamara Murphy bass
Luke Howard piano
Fran Swinn guitar
James McLean drums