The Schumanns

Emilia Bertolini, Alastair Cooper-Golec & Adam McMillan

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Emilia Bertolini, Alastair Cooper-Golec & Adam McMillan


Emilia Bertolini (soprano), Alastair Cooper-Golec (tenor) and Adam McMillan (piano) bring you their passionate performances of seldom-heard songs from the Romantic era.

Be transported to the salons of 19th-century Europe as the trio explores the intimate, subtle and ardent world of vocal music.

About this concert

When people think of Schumann, their minds almost always go to the composer Robert, but did you know that his wife, the pianist and composer Clara Schumann, was one of the most famous and respected virtuosos of her time? Join Emilia, Alastair and Adam as they delve into works from both Mr. and Mrs. Schumann, highlighting their distinctive sensibilities and shared passion for their art. These personal, poetic works for piano and voice paint a detailed portrait of two brilliant artists who continue to capture our imaginations on many levels. Hear the Schumanns’ revelatory music, and a story or two about how the dynamic duo took the music world by storm.

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Emilia Bertolini soprano
Alastair Cooper-Golec tenor
Adam McMillan piano


Robert Schumann
Tanzlied, Op.78 No.1
Sechs Gedichte und Requiem, Op.90
Arabeske, Op.18

Clara Schumann
Liebst du um Schönheit, Op.12 No.4
Sechs Lieder, Op.13

Robert Schumann
Er und sie, Op.78 No.2