Tony Buck

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Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre in partnership with RISING Festival


The Necks’ drummer transports you into a densely beautiful and atmospheric soundworld.

Celebrated multi-instrumentalist Tony Buck immerses you in a multi-sensory presentation of his critically acclaimed solo work Unearth, as part of RISING festival. Part performance, part installation, Unearth combines musical improvisation, composition and video to create a living, breathing organism of an artwork. With its abstract textures and intriguing use of sounds such as radio static, gongs and sub-bass, there is always something bubbling away below the surface to keep you curious. Feel the sound and space around you evolve in an organic and meditative way, as Tony constructs an expansive soundworld for your imagination to run wild in.

‘An expertly measured evolution of atmosphere and sound.’ Chaindlk
‘A remarkably considered structure … moods of tension, peace and growth.’ The Music

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Tony Buck percussion/guitar/machines


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