Two Minutes From Home


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Decibel New Music Ensemble


Decibel makes music for curious minds.

About the artists

Bridging the divide between acoustic and electronic; classical and contemporary; traditional and avant-garde; the ensemble is a boundary-breaking force in chamber music. Over the last decade, Decibel has commissioned over 70 new works, collaborated with a who’s who of iconic Australian composers, put its stamp on music by pioneers such as John Cage and The Velvet Underground, and championed inspired new ways of music-making.

About the concert

Part cinema, part experimental music extravaganza, Decibel performs 20 two-minute works composed in the year 2020. The big twist? Each work is written in a radically different visual language for Decibel to decipher. Follow along in real time with stunning projections of the animated musical scores, as the ensemble transforms colours, shapes, lines and objects into music. There’s Aaron Wyatt’s Glisten that turns jewellery box treasures into an equally shimmering soundscape; Thembi Soddell’s Let Go of Control which sounds and looks like a gritty adventure into the unknown; Marina Rosenfeld’s self-referential and resolutely non-conformist A martial exercise in togetherness; J.G. Thirwell’s Angel of Retribution in which a minefield of colourful shapes and symbols explodes across the senses; and so much more. Open your ears, your eyes and your mind, in a concert like no other by acclaimed genre-disruptors Decibel.

Praise for Decibel

‘Most musicians know how to play a middle C. But what about a cube? How about the colour red?’ – ABC Radio National

Decibel blows the traditional out of the water.’ Limelight

COVID Safety

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Decibel New Music Ensemble
Cat Hope flute/bass guitar/ocarina/turntable
Lindsay Vickery clarinet
Aaron Wyatt violin/viola
Tristen Parr cello
Stuart James piano/electronics
Louise Devenish percussion


Featuring works by Rosenfeld, Thirlwell, Marchetti, Hirayama and many more.