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‘Gelareh’s voice can at one moment be soothing and dreamlike and then rise to artfully crafted keens – acute intensities that retain a knife-like edge of control and abandon.’ Hear & Now

About ZÖJ

Celebrated Iranian-Australian musician Gelareh Pour and experimental drummer Brian O’Dwyer fuse Persian and Western motifs into their intoxicating music. Invoking the rich traditions of her distant homeland, Gelareh is a master of the kamancheh (spiked fiddle) with a flair for stylish interpretations of poetry sung in her native Farsi. Brian’s experimental drum rhythms amplify these talents, catapulting their music into a more contemporary sphere. Nuanced, emotionally charged and artfully performed, this duo knows how to reach listeners on a deeper level.

ZÖJ directly translates to ‘couple’, and these two masters of improvisation, from diverse musical backgrounds, have undoubtedly found a common language.

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Gelareh Pour kamancheh/voice
Brian O’Dwyer drums