Anja & Zlatna – Life is Beautiful

Anja & Zlatna

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Anja & Zlatna


An emotion-filled journey that rejoices in everyday delights and special moments.

Anja & Zlatna perform and preserve the beauty of traditional melodies, fusing them with the structural architecture of Baroque and practices of 17th century and folk languages.

Their original approach to instrumentation features the harpsichord in a leading role. Sometimes one hears guitars, cimbalom or accordion, together painting rich sonic textures and fresh musical delights.

‘Thanks to life, which has given me so much. It gave me laughter and it gave me tears. With them I distinguish happiness from pain. The two elements that make up my song.’ [Mercedes Sosa, Gracias a la vida]

Anja & Zlatna seeks to celebrate the joys of life – be it the admiration of a loved one, a wistful daydream, flawless beauty or just another ordinary Balkan day. Let their performance guide you on an emotion-filled journey that rejoices in everyday delights and special moments.

Praise for Anja & Zlatna

‘The perfect music that makes the listener want to dance, sing or simply hear more…’ ABC Classic

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Aleksandra Acker vocals, director
Kirsty Morphett vocals
Donald Nicolson harpsichord, keys
Tim Nikolsky guitar
Andrew Tanner bass
Ryan Williams recorder


Bora Dugić
Obican Blakanski Dan

Traditional Serbian
Kosovski Božuri

Traditional Romani

Traditional Greek
Tre Sirenas

Traditional Serbian
Svi vi sto maštate o sreći

Protosindjel Serafim Petkovic
Sveta Marina

Traditional Hungarian
Daću sve

Traditional Serbian
Moja mala nema mane

León Gieco
Solo le Pido a Dios

Violeta Parra
Gracias a la Vida


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