Dandelion Wine


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An intimate and otherworldly journey.

About the artists

Ethereal electro-folk bank, Dandelion Wine combine folk and medieval instruments, haunting female vocals, electronic beats and textured guitars to create enveloping soundscapes. Their trademark tapestry of weaving ancient and modern has seen them perform in dynamic spaces from Tokyo clubs to German castles.

About the concert

Their performance in Primrose Potter Salon presents a selection of anachronistically beautiful work, melding live and recorded elements seamlessly. Blending old world and contemporary, their melodies range from enchantingly delicate to dark and powerful.

Performing works from their latest album Le Coeur and new works from the forthcoming album Hereafter with a focus on nine course lute and medieval influences, Dandelion Wine will take audiences on an intimate and otherworldly journey.

Praise for Dandelion Wine

‘The work is enchanting and very intimate.’ Side-Line Reviews

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Naomi Henderson vocals, sansula, shruti, electronics, percussion
Nicholas Albanis nine-course lute, electric guitar, bell cittern, hammered dulcimer
Francesca Mountfort cello, vocals, bowed psaltery
Phil Coyle tar, udu, tombak, riq


Dandelion Wine


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