Decibel New Music Ensemble – Revolution

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Decibel New Music Ensemble


Fusing vinyl records, turntables and chamber music in and experimental music performance.

About the artists

Decibel is a new music ensemble that focus on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments in chamber music performance. Known for its world-leading interpretations of graphic notations and pioneering digital score formats, its live performances are all-encompassing sensory experiences.

Whilst rooted in western art music tradition, Decibel aims to remove stylistic boundaries in their commissioning and performance approaches, focusing on the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds.

About the concert

The ensemble’s performance in Primrose Potter Salon features works which engage both turntable and vinyl records as sources of musical material in a chamber music setting. It goes beyond the turntable as a machine, and the vinyl record as a container for a complete, recorded piece of music.

Since the invention of the gramophone in the late nineteenth century, composers have experimented with using the player and records in their music as instruments, scores and sound materials.

This program presents a range of historic and recent works including pieces by Milan Knížák, John Cage, Cat Hope, Lindsay Vickey, Annika Moses, Chris De Groot and The Velvet Underground.

Praise for Decibel

‘An absorbing and visceral experience.’ The Conversation

COVID Safety

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Cat Hope flute, double bass, turntable
Stuart James electronics, turntable
Lindsay Vickery bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, turntable
Aaron Wyatt viola, turntable
Tristen Parr cello, turntable
Louise Devenish percussion, turntable
TBA electric guitar, turntable


Annika Moses
V.K.W 96.1FM

Lindsay Vickery
agitation techniques in a closed system

Cat Hope
U Mangibeddu Nostru

Milan Knížák
For four groups of instruments

John Cage
Imaginary Landscape No.5

John Cale
The Gift

Christopher de Groot


This production is part of the following series:

Season Three: Illuminate

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