Kung Fu Cellist – Cello Sparring

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Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Yelian He


A virtuosic cello extravaganza.

About the artists

Chinese-born artist Yelian He (aka the Kung Fu Cellist) knows firsthand the type of focus and discipline that’s required to endure the rigours of both kung fu training and cello. To master either artform takes more than physical prowess; it takes one’s entire character and being.

About the concert

Chinese Kung Fu is not simply about self-defence and combat, just as music is not simply about technical virtuosity and interpreting markings on a score. Both art forms share the ultimate goal of transcending physical moments, where one is able to move into spheres of philosophy and character, spirituality and meaning. Such a pursuit is no easy task, undoubtedly requiring years of sacrifice and hard work.

Come and see the action when acclaimed cellist and ironman Richard Narroway joins Yelian for an evening of sparring practice between 2 cellos! Between the captivating melodies and a lifetime of dedication to skill, there’s something here to enjoy for everyone.

Praise for Yelian He

‘A consummate master of the bow.’ The Strad Magazine

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Yelian He cello
Richard Narroway cello


Cello Sparring


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