MEATSHELL – Since Subito


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A sonic exploration of the concepts and principles underpinning the cubist art movement.

About the artists

With a shared curiosity for the subtle beauty of things, experimental folk jazz duo MEATSHELL cultivates unconventional sound worlds, transcending traditional song forms by emphasising the power of storytelling through sound.

Sincere melodies and euphoric grooves are boldly juxtaposed with moments of mystery, beauty, desperation and screaming chaos, providing an intimate, raw and unapologetically honest listening experience.

About the concert

The duo’s performance in Primrose Potter Salon will follow a repertoire from their sophomore album Since Subito, a body of work which sonically explores the concepts and principles underpinning the cubist art movement. The music embodies juxtaposing perspectives of a single idea, resulting in a holistic and deeply personal performance.

MEATSHELL does not fit comfortably into subgenre moulds, but rather sets out to challenge traditional instrumental roles. Their performance will take audiences on an expansive journey through the abstract and the quirky.

Praise for MEATSHELL

‘MEATSHELL doesn’t need more than one spotlight to take the biggest stage by storm…Their uniqueness oozes out of their energetic and intense stage presence, charisma and musicality.’ Charlotte Haesen (AD Jazz Maastricht)

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Helen Svoboda double bass, vocals
Andrew Saragossi saxophone

Winners of the 2020 Maastricht Jazz Awards
Winners of the 2019 Maastricht Award for Innovation in Music


Helen Svoboda – arr. MEATSHELL
Old Mind


Helen Svoboda – arr. MEATSHELL
Growing (out of nothing)


Andrew Saragossi – arr. MEATSHELL
Lizard Breath

Helen Svoboda – arr. MEATSHELL
Carrots (in honey)
They said

Andrew Saragossi – arr. MEATSHELL


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