SARAY Iluminado – Flight

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Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & SARAY Iluminado


Sharing intimate rituals of belonging.

About the artists

SARAY Iluminado specialises in Sevdah, the traditional music from Bosnia, Herzegovina and Sephardic Jewish Romances. Straddling borders of music and theatre, the group shares intimate rituals of belonging. The unique style of performance aesthetic blurs the boundaries between performers and audiences, crafting a nostalgic melting pot of songs, stories, dreams and memories.

About the concert

Awakening is a garland of Bosnian and Sephardic songs that celebrate the power of human spirit and tell stories of overcoming and resilience. Through folk songs and tales, SARAY Iluminado will shed light on unique Balkan and Jewish cultural customs and traditions. Their memorable musical arrangements and fervor for performance will journey you through a dreamscape that blurs history, memory, fantasy and reality. This rare musical experience is not to be missed.

Praise for SARAY Iluminado

‘Trifkovic’s voice is something to behold; it cuts through the thick stifled air like a knife through butter, and her ability to draw you inwards through song is only made stronger by the rest of this ensemble as they interchange instruments.’ Melbourne Critique

COVID Safety

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Nela Trifkovic artistic direction, vocals, frame drum
Irine Vela lutes
Ernie Gruner mandolin, violin
Kelly Dowall ney flute, clarinet, frame drum
Dan Witton double bass, vocals


Traditional Sevdah
Moj Dilbere (My Cavalier)
My Cavalier
Grandma Goes to the Picnic
Na teferic posla nana (Grandma Goes to the Picnic)

Traditional Sephardic
Me Estas Mirano (You’re Looking at Me)
You’re Looking at Me
Esta Montana (This Mountain)
This Mountain

Traditional Sevdah
Little Rose
Ruzica (Little Rose)

Traditional Sephardic
No Hay Vida Sin Raki (No Life Without the Brandy)
No Life Without the Brandy
_ Irme Kero Madre_ (Mother I Wish to Go)
Mother I Wish to Go
_ If You See It, If You See It_ Si Veriash Si Veriash (If You See It, If You See It)

SARAY Iluminado
Kraj Pendzera Jusuf Stari (Old Joseph’s Song in the Window)

Traditional Sevdah
Beautiful Mary
Lijepa Mejra (Beautiful Mary)


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