Paulownia Concert 2022

Sinobeats - Paulownia

Presented by Sinobeats & Australian Guzheng Academy


Fusion of East and West makes perfection in music.

‘Paulownia’ is the wood for making guzheng and other musical instruments, it is premium, beautiful, and long-lasting, which also reflects people’s initial passion and pursual for music.

A Unique, Creative yet Classical New Fusion.

About the concert

Featuring various Eastern and Western music instruments (including Guzheng, Guqin, Pipa, Erhu, Chinese drum, Piano, Cello and Violin), the Paulownia Annual Concert will be a balanced beauty of traditional eastern, western and fusion music.

The concert consists of three Movements – Chinese Traditional, Western Classical, and Jazz and Contemporary. Apart from the well-known pieces, the performers will also bring you some original pieces that combine both eastern and western instruments.

Performers include Melbourne Recital Centre’s 2022 artist residence Mindy Meng Wang, award-winning Guzheng performer Sherry Peng, Guqin artist Ivy Song, well-known duo performer Lachlan Dent (Cello) and Megan Kenny (Flute), famed concert violinist Fiona Qiu, widely praised contemporary Jazz band, and other experienced music performers and composers, they all have been living in different countries, influenced by different cultures and are passionate to create eastern and western fusion music.

Concert programs involve the most traditional eastern melodies, classical western music pieces, and selected pop music with creative fusion composition, which together will bring something different to the city, and is a feast to all music lovers!

This concert features Melbourne Recital Centre’s 2022 Artist in Residence Mindy Meng Wang. Click here to discover more.

COVID Safety

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. As we reopen, a range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures will be in place. Click here to learn more.


‘泡桐木’ 是古筝及其他乐器的高端原木材。桐道,是音乐出发的地方,也是我们即将用音乐创造的一幕幕回忆。









Sherry Peng guzheng
Mark Sadka violin, piano
Mindy Meng Wang guzheng