Spirograph Studies

Spirograph Studies

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Spirograph Studies


‘A captivating study in nuance, a web of subtle soundscapes…’ Australian Jazz

Spirograph Studies transports listeners into another space with hypnotic precision, creating deluxe textural sonic worlds. Largely built around compositions written by bassist Tamara Murphy, Spirograph Studies collectively shape soundscapes using elements found within each piece, slowly unfurling.

The beauty of these intricate compositions is hypnotising, creating a wealth of musical layers woven together to form each evocative creation. The soundscapes range from slow and meditative to rapid and transcendent.

Spirograph Studies is cultivating its own sound and approach to improvised music, fuelled by the skilled musicianship of its players where you cannot tell what is composed and what is created in the moment.

Photo credit: Brett Scapin

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Tamara Murphy bass
Luke Howard piano
Fran Swinn guitar
James McLean drums


Spirograph Studies


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