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Rich Svanetian harmonies, intricate Kakhetian melodies and soul-lifting Adjaran tunes.

About the artists

Tsinskaro is a vocal ensemble brought together by their shared obsession with Georgian polyphony. Meeting through various singing groups in Melbourne, the group bonded over a common love of Georgian song.

The ensemble’s performance aims to honour the incredibly rich musical traditions of this ancient culture, at the crossroads of East and West.

About the concert

Rich Svanetian harmonies are regarded as ancient and weighty; the music is said to mirror the landscape of the highest peaks in the Caucasus range. Intricate Kakhetian melodies were instead born at the foot of the mountains. The polyphonic technique sees one melodic voice contrasted with droning vocals to create a sustained tone in the bass. Soul-lifting Adjaran tunes are characterised by their slow start and subsequent acceleration of tempo. Often accompanied by dance, the expressions of those performing are often joyful.

Tsinskaro delight in discovering and sharing the songs of this ancient culture, on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Georgia is home to one of the world’s oldest polyphonic singing traditions, with songs passed down by ear since as early as the 5th century.

Rich in harmony and story, these songs celebrate and honour all aspects of life, work, healing, feasting, faith, love and mourning.

Praise for Tsinskaro

‘Melbourne‘s most exciting new vocal ensemble.’ The Boite

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Krzysztof Derwinski vocals
Stewart Haines vocals
Gosia Kaszubska vocals
Nick Weis vocals


Tsinskaro: Georgian Songs


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