The Sound Collectors Lab – The Bloodwood Series


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & The Sound Collectors Lab


A metaphor of real and remembered landscapes for moments of reflection, observation and confession.

About the artists

The Sound Collectors Lab is an ensemble-studio of musicians who create music through interdisciplinary collaboration between performers, composers, designers and visual artists. Each project brings together a different creative team, specific to the needs of the concept that drives it.

About the concert

Commissioned by APRA Art Music Fund, this project brings together outstanding performers, each with their own longstanding creative relationship with composer and ceramicist Kate Moore.

The Bloodwood Series is a performance-installation for voice, violin, percussion, electronics and porcelain, light and sound sculptures. This work evokes a dystopian landscape filled with ghosts and fragmented memories, telling the story of dislocation and a search for identity through place.

Their performance in Primrose Potter Salon presents the metaphor of real and remembered landscapes for moments of reflection, observation and confession. Presented in union with the image of familiar bushland and fire-ravaged landscapes, their work is a meditation on the darkness of the night, a prayer for deliverance and for a new path in the world to come, green shoots from the ashes.

Following consultation from the Indigenous community figures of the area, Moore chooses to write the libretto texts herself, using the bush as her muse and setting the scene for a fictional place to navigate the moment through storytelling, symbolism, and imagery.

Support from the City of Melbourne Arts Grant and Monash University.

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Jane Sheldon vocals
Anna McMichael violin
Louise Devenish percussion
Kate Moore composer
Nick Roux visual artist


Kate Moore
Corymbia eximia: The Bloodwood Series


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