Tilman Robinson & Outlier


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Tilman Robinson


‘Sonic textures to get entirely lost in.’ Beats Per Minute

Avant-garde electronic musician and composer Tilman Robinson unites with multi-instrumentalists Chloë Sobek and Lizzy Welsh (Outlier) to perform their genre-bending works and improvisations.

About the concert

Melbourne artists Tilman Robinson and Outlier fuse electronics and strings in a stunning collision of Renaissance and contemporary styles. The violin, viola da gamba and bass viol are among the world’s most virtuosic instruments. For centuries, these supreme instruments have been used to convey the full gamut of human emotion and experience. See the possibilities stretched further still, in eye-opening soundscapes ranging from the vast and textural to the highly detailed. Firmly of the 21st century, this performance captivates multiple senses and is sure to jump-start your imagination.

COVID Safety

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Tilman Robinson electronics

Lizzy Welsh Baroque violin/viola da gamba
Chloë Sobek bass viol


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