Van Diemen's Band

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Presented by Musica Viva


Australia’s finest early music specialists invite you to experience the beautiful melding of cultures in Europe’s historical borderlands for Musica Viva Australia.

About the concert

Tasmanian Baroque ensemble Van Diemen’s Band invites you to explore the historic borderlands of Europe on their national tour with Musica Viva Australia. For centuries, generations of musicians wrote dances and masses, symphonies and quartets, as their homelands changed ownership under their feet. Or their nations remained steadfast, allowing the most magical cultural overlaps at the border fringes.

Through composers such as Samuel Scheidt and Dietrich Becker, you will hear the trials of battle – loss, regret, resentment – and, at long last, healing. Listen to composers who were touched by the Thirty Years’ War within the Holy Roman Empire, their countries crumbling around them.

María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir (Iceland) and Donald Nicolson (Australia) are living composers who will bring you closer to our time. Just as Van Diemen’s Band invites instrumental guests from across Australia’s state borders, these composers remind us how we’re still united through music – no matter what borders lie between us.

Pre-Concert Talk

Join Musica Viva for a pre-concert talk form 6.15pm in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

Praise for Van Diemen’s Band

‘Moving from lament to humour and virtuosity with unanimity, creating a kaleidoscope of emotions that tugged the heartstrings.’ Limelight

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Julia Fredersdorff artistic director & violin
Simone Slattery violin & recorder
Lizzy Welsh viola
Laura Vaughan Bass Viol
Anton Baba bass viol & cello
Donald Nicolson harpsichord & organ



Dietrich Becker
Sonata No.5 in F (1668)

Borderlands Suite – assembled by Julia Fredersdorff
Samuel Scheidt
Galliard Battaglia

Dietrich Becker

Jean de Sainte-Colombe
Les Pleurs

Samuel Scheidt

Philipp Heinrich Erlebach
‘Chaconne’ from Ouverture No.2

Tomaso Albinoni
Sinfonia à 5, Op.2 No.3 in C (1700)

Georg Muffat
Sonata No.1 in D (1677)

María Huld Sigfúsdóttir
Clockworking (2013)

Anonymous – attr. Biber
Sonata Jucunda

Donald Nicolson
Spirals (2022) – world premiere performances*


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