Vardos – A Window Into Every Village


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Vardos


Romantic and poignant tales of longing and desire.

Vardos have spent decades perfecting their Eastern European instrumental and language skills; embodying a culture that is ever-present in their performances.

‘Ablakomba’, which translates to ‘from my window’ is song played throughout Hungary and Romania, with adaptations varying from village to village. Vardos’ performance will see each piece commence with this influential tune, before moving into reimagined melodies that pay homage to the different regions.

Utilising their instruments in strikingly different ways, the trio will journey you through unique ornamentations accenting rhythm, ethereal song in several languages and bouncy, walking bass lines complemented by slow bowed laments. Vardos will enchant you with romantic and poignant tales of longing and desire.

Praise for Vardos

‘Vardos seem an energy-charged collection of traditional gypsy-folk music from consummate professionals.’ Beat

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Alana Hunt violin
Sofia Chapman accordion, viola, hurdy gurdy, vocals
Kirri Büchler double bass


The view from the fisherman’s bend
Two boys at a window sing me a song
I stare at the mountains
A bird on the branch peers in
The Forest is Buzzing
You can see my love’s farm from here
Roses in the window box
A dusty street of pain
I write at the window and await your return
You can buy bread from the window but not butter
Look into the club
I see everything in the night


This production is part of the following series:

Season One: Awaken

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