Watchhouse Tour

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre in arrangement with Love Police


A new sonic era for contemporary folk stalwarts Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz has arrived.

Formerly known as Mandolin Orange, contemporary folk stalwarts Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz have journeyed through their next phase of musical reinvention to become Watchhouse. From their early days playing coffee houses to headlining Red Rocks and festivals across the globe, the duo has spellbound audiences with soft songs that earnestly reveal stories from the hardest parts of their lives. Watchhouse beckons a welcome and exciting musical era for the duo and represents their long-desired reinvention as a band, exploring the regenerative edges of subtly experimental folk-rock.

In their first Australian tour as Watchhouse, they’ll perform selected works from their self-titled album, as well as crowd favourites, with the thoughtfulness and tenderness the duo is renowned for. Produced by Josh Kaufman, the producer and multi-instrumentalist who had wowed Marlin and Frantz with his work alongside The National and his trio Bonny Light Horseman, Watchhouse’s album casts ‘a magical spell that is impossible to ignore… Remnants of the past still remain, but they are now so much more.’

With Special Guest

Watchhouse will be supported by Melbourne’s sister folk-duo Charm of Finches.

Praise for Watchhouse

‘Over the course of these nine songs Watchhouse cast a magical spell that is impossible to ignore. What Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin have done is actually a radical reimagining of what they can be as musicians. Mandolin Orange is no more, yet there is no need to mourn. Remnants of the past still remain, but they are now so much more. Watchhouse illustrates what they can be now that they are no longer constrained by what they were before.’ For Folks Sake

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Andrew Marlin vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo
Emily Frantz vocals, violin, guitar



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