The Accelerando Program provides an opportunity for exceptional young artists to take their music to the next level.

A tailored learning program, passionate students with an advanced musical ability on solo instrument or voice will undertake a year-long program working in collaboration with Australia’s premier music facility.

Accelerando musicians have the opportunity to receive instrumental lessons with leading industry professionals, access world-class concerts, attend Master Classes, participate in music workshops with the highest quality resources and technology, and perform in an end of year recital in Melbourne Recital Centre’s Salon.

Introducing the Accelerando musicians of 2019…

Harper Dawson, alto saxophone, Geelong
Tess Hickey, cello, Melbourne
Jamila Jalloh, voice, Melbourne
Notis Karidakis, bouzouki, Melbourne
Edmond Kennedy, drums, Melbourne
Ashwin Krishna, tabla, Melbourne
Chen Li, piano, Melbourne
Claudia McFarlane, clarinet, Cohuna
Thomas Poynton, tenor saxophone, Bairnsdale