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Students engage with ACO Virtual

Yesterday we welcomed a group of enthusiastic young music students from Bendigo to ACO Virtual as part of our Share the Music program.

Imagine standing on stage during a live performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra – ACO VIRTUAL takes you there. In this cutting-edge, interactive audio-visual installation, featuring the world-class musicians of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, you will be surrounded by vivid 3D projections of ACO musicians and given the freedom to immerse yourself in technology and music.

Student & teacher feedback

The students of the Bendigo Instrumental Music Program were enlightened and engaged by ACO Virtual, sharing these words about their experience:

“I liked being so close that you could see their fingers moving quickly.”

“The bass player was great to watch. You could see the cracks from where the instrument was fixed. His bass had all the pegs on one side, our school ones have 2 on each side. I’ll have to ask my teacher about it.”

“I wish we could have stayed in there longer.”

“It was lovely to watch them playing. They looked a bit ghostly.”

“I really enjoyed it. I’m going to practice a lot so I get better on my violin.”

“It was great turning the players on and off using the iPad. You can’t do that in real life.”

The teachers were similarly impressed by ACO Virtual, with one teacher commenting: “The students on the trip home were very enthusiastic about the day. To give them the exposure to world class elite musicians was just fantastic. Being country kids some would only come to Melbourne on school trips as some families never venture out of Bendigo. I am hoping this experience will be in their memory for a very long time. Thank you”

Friday 21 February – Sunday 23 February
Salon – Free!
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Schools Groups:
Suitable for year levels Prep to Year 12, ACO Virtual spans the themes and subjects of virtual/augmented reality, music, technology, interactivity, the digital age, information communication technology, media arts, visual art and more.

For more information on the installation and to book a school group, please contact our Box Office on 03 9699 3333 during business hours.