Past winners Benaud Trio

Contemporary Masters Award

We are delighted to announce this year’s first round of nominees for the Contemporary Masters Award, a prize for the finest performance of repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Contemporary Masters Performance Award is open to all Local Heroes and Spotlight artists (individuals and ensembles) who perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre throughout the year. Melbourne Recital Centre’s Award Panel will oversee the awarding of a $1000 cash prize to the best performance of a work composed between 1900 and 2013.

Divided into two rounds throughout the year, the nominees for the first round of the award have now been selected and are as follows:

Plexus: Pantheon (Metropolis Festival)
Guest artist: Christopher Saunders
Repertoire: The End of Many World. Composer: Gordon Kerry
Performance: Wed 2 April 2014

Forest Collective: Garden of Ice (Metropolis Festival)
Guest artist: Naomi Johnston
Repertoire: Sikinnis No.1 for Solo Flute. Composer: Evan Lawson
Fri 4 April 2014

Stefan Cassomenos & Judith Dosworth: Sapphos Butterflies (Metropolis)
Repertoire: Mythweaver. Composer: Kevin March
Performance: Wed 9 April 2014

Aura Go: Dichotomie (Metropolis Festival)
Repertoire: Dichotomie. Composer: Esa-Pekka Salonen
Performance: Sat 12 April 2014

Cosmo Cosmolino: Love and Death in Buenos Aires (Local Heroes)
Repertoire: Libertango. Composer: Astor Piazzola
Performance: Wed 21 May 2014

Wilma and Friends: Chamber Music with Teddy (Local Heroes)
Guest artist: Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Repetoire: Three Poems of Byron. Compsoer: Graeme Koehne
Performance: Mon 16 June 2014

An illustrious Award Panel consisting of key industry professionals and music supporters including Margaret Farren-Price, Colin Golvan, Mary Doumany, Mary Vallentine, Kirsten Siddle and other nominated Melbourne Recital Centre patrons, will attend each of the nominated performances with a final prize winner to be announced late June.

Past winners include the outstanding local ensembles Benaud Trio and Australia Felix.

Watch this space for the winning announcement plus details of next round’s nominees!