Prompt Corner: The Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund launches

Melbourne Recital Centre’s commitment to ground-breaking live music experiences continues.

From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the sonic soundscape of a magical dream world, Melbourne audiences are treated to the latest innovations in music production thanks to a new philanthropic fund.

Melbourne Recital Centre is dedicated to presenting pioneering live music experiences like Daniel Marcus Clark’s EarFilm To Sleep To Dream and Jordi Savall’s Jerusalem – globally-important works that spring from some of the world’s most inventive musical minds.

Bringing cutting-edge productions like these to Melbourne and supporting new large-scale Australian work is an important part of the Centre’s mission.

This year, we established a new fund to help us do this. With initial funding from The Hugh Williamson Foundation, the Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund enables the Centre to present large-scale, technically challenging music productions from Australia and overseas. These offer exciting new ways to experience live music, across of range of genres, challenging musicians and audiences alike and honing the skills of our technical crews with the latest production techniques.

The Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund ensures our concert program remains diverse and vibrant, now and into the future.

Click here to donate to the Fund today and ensure the Centre continues to be the best place to hear ground-breaking multimedia productions.