Sound Escape

On Saturday 8 February, 2014 Melbourne Recital Centre celebrated its Fifth Birthday. As part of this celebration the Level 2 foyer was transformed into a composition lab for the day.

Members of the public, regardless of musical knowledge, were invited to contribute a few bars of their own original composition to form a part of a large scale, communal work. Visitors used computers, instruments, field recordings, and their own voices to create their unique music.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by Albert Park Secondary College, Williamstown Secondary College and the University of Melbourne in helping to facilitate the day and our special community composition.

Three full pieces have been produced from the individual compositions created. While some short pieces are the product of child or adult play, they are all musically legitimate and contain some marvelous melodic and harmonic components. Other shorter pieces are carefully considered and constructed musical works that hold their own at any level.

Many of the some 200 people who participated in Sound Escape were able to realise some musical goal and the act of arranging these pieces has served to enlighten us about the wonderful capacity of all humans to create wonderful music. It has shown us how truly special the act of music creation can be.