The King's Singers in workshop

Class a cappella act workshops with school choirs

“Performance starts before the music begins and ends after the music stops” – Johnny, The King’s Singers

The King’s Singers recently made time in their busy international touring schedule to lead a music performance workshop at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School with a group of enthusiastic school choirs from around Melbourne.

Six choirs ranging in size from 6 to 50 voices performed for The King’s Singers on Monday 23 June and received immediate feedback on their performance, as well as expert advice about the artistry of singing. Each choir had a dedicated rehearsal hour with one of The King’s Singers, followed by a concert whereby all singers performed for each other.

Students described the opportunity as ‘’inspirational”, “great fun” and a privilege to receive feedback from “world class performers”. We are delighted The King’s Singers dedicated the time to nurture and encourage these aspiring young choristers.

The King’s Singers workshop was a markedly memorable educational event. Perfectly targeted, passionately presented, their teaching was challenging, encouraging, informative and inspirational. A class act, on and off the stage.
Dermot Tutty
Choral Director

The students from Yarra Valley Grammar walked into The King’s Singers masterclass, not knowing exactly what to expect but open to new ideas. They walked out in awe of great musicianship, engaging, gentle humour and empowering enthusiasm conveyed by Johnny, bass voice, who took our workshop. Not only Johnny, but the entire ensemble easily connected with the mass of teenagers; their warmth, sense of fun, obvious musicianship and experience made a positive difference to every ensemble. Each and every person in the room had something real and inspirational to take home with them (apart from the ‘selfies’ they were taking with members of the group afterwards!). I have had a few resonating moments from the workshop that will also make a meaningful difference to how I direct and conduct.
Christine Storey
Head of Voice and Choral Studies
Yarra Valley Grammar

It was an incredible experience to have an opportunity to receive such in-depth and thorough feedback from Christopher Bruerton. His concepts of developing Orange Coloured Sky into a very “cool” (his words) and groovy performance was certainly enjoyed by all the girls. He provided us all with a greater understanding of singing with others and the importance of listening to each other constantly. His suggestion of allowing students to stand at the front of the ensemble to listen to the parts and to provide the members with new approaches to achieve the sound that is desired was a new concept for us to continue to improve our singing and stylistic elements of our repertoire. It was truly a magical experience and to hear and see The King Singers perform was an absolute delight!
Joanne Carroll
Head of Choral and Voice
Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

Congratulations to Stuart Connew for winning a double pass to The King’s Singers and for sharing with us how The King’s Singers have influenced your approach to music performance & teaching: We have an extensive choral programme and use some of the a cappella style arrangements of The King’s Singers as examples of best practice.