Melbourne Recital Centre

Music and Law

A message from the inaugural patrons of the Legal Friends of Melbourne Recital Centre, The Hon. Kenneth Hayne and The Hon. Justice Michelle Gordon.

We were honoured and delighted to be asked to be the inaugural patrons for the legal friends of the Melbourne Recital Centre. It combines two of our great loves–architecture and music.

The Melbourne Recital Centre, for us, could be used as a virtual definition of Melbourne world class music played in award winning architecture with sublime acoustics. It is simply not possible to separate the building from the music, and the musicians. It engages every sense.

Where else in the world would you find a “modified shoe box” shaped music venue lined with Hoop pine plywood mounted on 38 steel springs to protect it, like a precious gem, surrounded by what looks like polystyrene packing material. Here is a recital centre, in a contemporary space, in the middle of Melbourne that has the capacity to, and does, transport you to one of the great halls of the old world.

One of the Centre’s architects said that the idea was to build a “cradle” for aspirations associated with music. And that is what it does – it cradles us while we sit and are inspired by the world’s leading performers from all genres. It is an intimate venue with world class acoustics.

We love the fact that one week we can hear Australian singer song writer Paul Kelly singing “Spring and Fall” and then, the following week, we can sit and listen to Concerto Italiano perform Monteverdi’s Vespers from 1610. We can attend a concert on a Saturday night and then turn up at lunchtime the next day to sit with the same artists and hear how they collaborate on their work and what inspires them. And because the Centre exists, Melbourne is so very much richer.

The Legal Friends of Melbourne Recital Centre was established in 2015 to develop a network of donors from the profession to help build an endowment for the Centre. Having so successfully delivered its first project in 2015 – the Schubert Cycle trio of concerts with Florian Boesch and Malcolm Martineau, the group is now supporting the Centre’s Great Performers program as Series Partners. This support along with the generosity of the Great Performers Leadership Circle enables the Centre to programme with confidence more of the best international artists for presentation in 2016 and 2017.

The Legal Friends of the Melbourne Recital Centre is an exciting new venture. We would love you to join us a group of people with a background in the law but also an interest in, and in our case, a love of music. They are not mutually exclusive and both are not required! Please do not hesitate to say hello if you see us at the Centre or around the legal precinct!

For more information contact:

Jacqueline Williams
Philanthropy Manager
T +61 (0) 3 9207 2653