Chamber Made Opera

Behind the Scenes of Between 8 & 9 for Asia TOPA

The experience of Between 8 and 9 is as simultaneously simple and complex as the world we live in. At its core it is a listening experience where techniques, voices and musical instruments from Melbourne and Chengdu slide across and intertwine with each other in the hands of expert musicians. But, just a little below the surface, this ‘conversation between cultures’ becomes more complex.

As an audience member you will find yourself seated at a table in one of eight groups of eight. One of the performers will be sitting with your group, it is an unusually intimate relationship to live music.

In front of you, on the table, is an apparently abstract sculptural form. And this shape, which is based on a western mathematical concept of Fibonacci sequences or the Golden Mean, will become the score for the performance.

Manipulated by the performers and the audience its movement and shape, along with the chapters of music, are reflections on a selection of Chinese Musical concepts. Each influences the other, influences the other, influences the other.

An ingenious sound design, sublime performances and the swirling shapes before you spread the music and experience throughout the room. At times immersive and others observational Between 8 & 9 is an unusual combination of sanctuary and ambition.

In Chinese numerology the number 8 is representative of harmony and prosperity in life and the number 9 of achievement on the higher spiritual plain, this work explore the space between the two through music.

Words by Anna Tregloan (Installation and Costume for Chamber Made Opera)

‘Perhaps the most beautifully judged site-specific work I have seen… It is mysteriously joyous, and profoundly beautiful.’ Theatrenotes

Chamber Made Opera performs Between 8 & 9 on Wednesday 29, Thursday 30, Friday 31 March 7pm & Saturday 1 April 2017 4pm & 7pm.

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