Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers - Telepathy


With a deep and mutual respect for each other’s musical talents and an ability to all perform in many disparate styles, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan and Joseph and James Tawadros are Australia’s most respected musical siblings. With their shared concerts and tours marked by laughter, a strong sense of camaraderie and musical excellence which spans genres as diverse as jazz, classical, bluegrass and folk – their synchronicity is so apparent on stage it’s as if they are connected telepathically.

The double-duo’s coupling was meant to be. Both sets of brothers come from musical families, raised in environments which encouraged music and individuality. They share interests in exploring new works both in written and improvised styles, and often reach into their own heritages to create a unique and unified sound. Their reputations are marked with acclaim both locally and internationally, proving themselves to be truly world-class artists. They’ve collectively won seven ARIA Awards and a further 35 nominations, and have lent their talents to collaborations and performances with some of the world’s finest musicians including the likes of Neil Finn, Kate Miller-Heidke and Béla Fleck to name a few.

Joseph Tawadros said,

‘It’s always great performing with the Grigoryan brothers. They bring a great energy to stage, which complements what James and I do and we trust in the way they read the moment on the fly. It’s that type of trust that feeds Band of Brother’s creativity and that’s why each performance is different and special. We’ve known the Grigoriyans now for about 15 years, so when we perform together, it not just about celebrating music but celebrating friendship.’

Now in a special return performance to Melbourne Recital Centre, Band of Brothers is back at it for a performance aptly titled Telepathy. Audiences can expect a crossing of cultural and stylistic barriers as the brothers combine the virtuosity of classical guitar with rhythmic, masterful percussion and the unique sounds of the oud and req – an Egyptian tambourine. Be charmed with their grace and entertained with their wicked sense of humour, as Band of Brothers performs Telepathy.

Two families, four brothers and eight hands drawn together to create music in perfect simpatico connected by the singular passion for making brilliant music.

‘Their ability to play as if drawing from a shared musical consciousness and their subtle nuances of tempo, bordered on the uncanny.’ The West Australian


Thursday 9 November 2017, 7.30pm
Elisabeth Murdoch Hall (Two hours incl. interval)
Slava & Leonard Grigoryan guitar
Joseph Tawadros oud
James Tawadros req
Tickets $50 ($40 concession)
Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Grigoryan Brothers

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