An intimate relationship between musician, instrument and extraordinary music

When Melbourne Recital Centre’s 2018 Artist-in-Residence, recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey, speaks about Soliloquy she draws you right into her creative experience, illuminating a myriad of intriguing influences. A soliloquy is an act of speaking our thoughts aloud, oblivious to any hearers. It creates a rare ‘out of time’ moment to reflect and express, beyond the gaze and judgement of the world.

Yet Genevieve’s Soliloquy is by no means a solo piece. Centred around the artist’s remarkable performance of George Philip Telemann’s 12 Fantasies for flute without bass, Soliloquy transforms one solo performer’s innermost secrets into an amplified, multi-genre experience of engrossed listening.

‘We intend to take a group of 60 untrained volunteers and through simple, eloquent choreography, transform them into pixels on an undulating human screen. The physical reality of playing this music live means I am tethered to my instrument, and while my intricate finger patterns are a dance in themselves, they don’t actually illuminate the emotional world of music. In choreographing the participants, our hope is that they embody a more abstract concept of sound,’ Genevieve Lacey explains.

Director Gideon Obarzanek adds ‘Listening to her masterful playing inspires both virtuosic dance as well as simple gestures that create patterns in which individuals disappear to become part of a larger, unison fabric.’

Gideon has collaborated with Genevieve on numerous highly anticipated projects including One Infinity (Melbourne International Arts Festival). ‘I am thrilled to be working again with Genevieve and continue our shared passion for live music and dance,’ he says.

Despite being premiered just weeks apart, Soliloquy takes the audience to an entirely different realm to One Infinity.

‘Soliloquy is about an internal world. The audience bear witness to a very personal, private outpouring. The focus is deliberately narrow – one instrument, one player, one composer, one collection of music, one dancer. It is minimal, to make it as eloquent and distilled as possible,’ says Genevieve.

With lighting designed by Niklas Pajanti, audiences are immersed in an ever more vivid and intimate drama. Whether you’ve seen Genevieve Lacey in traditional recitals or recent contemporary works, this is an opportunity to get closer than ever to the mind of this remarkable artist.


Thursday 22 November 7.30pm
Elisabeth Murdoch Hall (One hour no interval)

Genevieve Lacey recorder
60 volunteers
Gideon Obarzanek director
Niklas Pajanti lighting designer
Harriet Oxley costume designer
Stephanie Lake movement director
Michaela Coventry producer (Sage Arts)

Tickets $50 ($40 concession)
Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre
Supported by Creative Victoria & ABC Classics
Artist-in-Residence program supported by the Vizard Foundation

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